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Leiden Watercity


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Leiden. Key to Discovery !

Discover Leiden by boat !

 width= You're welcome on board the old vintage 'Schuitje Vaart' vessels.
Three classic boats of revitted steel constructure.
Two boats, built at the same Leiden shipyard, in 1933 and 1949 respectively,they both have eversince been used locally for purposes of pleasure trips and commercial transportation.
The older ship, a nice little saloon-boat, and the larger boat for 30 people.

Since 2015 there is the very rare boat 'Stille Kracht'. That means 'Silent Power'.
This, so called 'Utrechtse Grote Aak' was built in 1917 and is the only one in Holland of this type in original state. Although originally it had no engine. But now there is a a silent electric one.

Koene D. Parmentier Your captain and host

Inquiries or reservations: daily from 8.45 -10.00.
Telephone (071) 512 03 94 / Mobile 06 16917244